Prevent WordPress Comment Spam

WordPress is the most used CMS out there but it comes with a spam issue in many cases.

WordPress comment spam can be a huge problem and can turn completely out of control quickly.

In the first week of Wp-Codes I received more than 200 spams.

I searched the web to find the most effective “simple” way to help with the spam issue.

I found a simple and very effective plugin called “Antispam Bee”.

Antispam Bee

I’m using it on two websites for a week and it stoped 100% of the spam so far.

I’m used to have 30-50 spam everyday and now no spam at all.

You can see in the dashboard all the spam that Antispam Bee blocked.

In my cases this little plugins is a life saving fix.


So if you have a wordpress comment spam problem give this little plugin a try. You have nothing to lose other than all your spam.

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